Work Begins for Legislative Season

With the Unicameral again in session, legislative issues move forward again on the Chamber’s agenda.  The Chamber has been asked by members to weigh in on a couple issues already and there’s plenty more to come.

Thursday conference calls for the Columbus Area Chamber Legislative Committee with the State Chamber have begun.  Their staff will give us an overview of bills that impact business in a quick 20-minute call.  These calls are held approximately every two weeks during the session.  The Legislative Committee will generally then discuss bills of interest after the call and make some decisions on whether our local Chamber should take a position on any of them.

Because there are seemingly going to be so many bills to consider this session, Committee Chair Don Heimes is working to set a couple special meetings with Senator Schumacher during the session.  Please keep an eye on the Chamber’s website and Facebook page if you are interested in engaging on state issues so you catch those additional opportunities.

As with most Chamber committees, the Legislative Committee is open to any employee of all Chamber-member organizations.  If you fit that description, then you are invited.