Welcome RFI Interns

Two upbeat interns have joined us for the summer to use their talents in serving Columbus.

They are a part of the Rural Futures Institute Student Serviceship program, which connects current and future leaders and mentors in service and strategic projects working toward a thriving rural future.

Amber Ross is a junior from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, majoring in Agribusiness. She is from Callaway, a small town in central Nebraska, and she looks forward to being involved in economic development in rural communities after college.

Clayton Keller has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and is now earning his Masters from the University of Nebraska- Omaha in Public Administration. He is from Columbus, Ohio and has an end goal of becoming a City Administrator.

The Columbus Area Chamber and the Columbus Area Future Fund applied for Columbus to be the Host Community for these RFI interns and are very excited for Amber and Clayton’s potential and drive to accomplish their important summer projects. Their Chamber projects include:

  • Young Nebraskan’s Week
  • Something Good brand help
  • Community Calendar
  • Intern’s Night Out events