Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  The new fiscal year has begun at your local Chamber of Commerce.  This will be a busy and exciting 12 months under the direction of the new Board of Directors led by Board Chair Dennis Grennan.

The leadership of the Chamber has adopted six Strategic Priorities through the planning session process in addition to the on-going work of the Chamber’s committees and task forces.  All six are carry-over items from the current fiscal year: Quality of Life Centers; Housing; 23rd Street Streetscaping; Mentoring; Wellness; and Branding.

One change in the priority list from this year is transitioning the Engaging Diversity Strategic Priority to a standing committee.  The Board and Committee members felt this work will be on-going so inclusion into the more permanent Chamber program of work made sense.

The Board had robust conversation around the possible inclusion of a new priority (actually a “recycled” priority) that focused on community events and activities.  While it was not adopted as a Strategic Priority, it’s important to note the Chamber recognizes the importance of such amenities and we’ll be working to support, organize, and promote those events.  The work will simply be happening within the existing committee structure.