23rd Streetscaping Project

The Nebraska Department of Transportation will rebuild the road due to:

  • 30-years of deterioration
  • Distressed and poor condition
  • Substantial ruts and cracking

The City wants to:

  • Improve the infrastructure
  • Move traffic and pedestrians more safely and efficiently along 23rd Street
  • Provide durable and maintainable landscapes
  • Create a sense of community pride

Overview of construction planned for 2022- 2023

  • Remove/replace existing pavement
  • Add turning lane and geometric modifications at intersections
  • Rebuild sidewalks, curb ramps, curb inlets, storm serves
  • Update roadway lighting and traffic signals
  • Add streetscaping elements

The Chamber's Interests

  • Streets represent our community; 23rd Street is our "doorway" to families, CEOs, tourists, future employees.
  • Around 100 businesses are located along the nearly 3-mile route.
  • Between 14k and 26k cars travel 23rd Street daily.
  • Businesses on treescaped streets show up to 12% higher income streams
  • Green spaces, trees, and special lighting instill pride in our community and beautify our intersections, sidewalks, and streets.
  • The project enhances Columbus's part of the historic Lincoln Highway.

Committed Resources

  • Pinnacle Bank- $2,500
  • Cornerstone Bank- $2,500
  • First National Bank- $2,500
  • Great Plains State Bank- $2,500
  • Keep Columbus Beautiful- $5,000
  • Columbus Area Chamber of
  • Commerce $5,000
  • Columbus Community Foundation- $24,000

*Additional Resources Are Needed


The City's Investment

  • The city is investing millions in infrastructure (water, sewer, electrical, etc.).
  • As well as $500,000 in streetscaping.

The Chamber's Support

  • The Streetscaping Committee is securing funding for additional streetscaping amenities to complement the City's investment.
  • Keep Columbus Beautiful will serve as the fiscal agent and collect the funds to be paid to the city for additional streetscaping elements.

$100k-$125k More

Will add
  • 14 additional backlit street signs ($24k)
  • 210 additional trees ($66k)
  • Additional planters and benches ($35k)

Additional Funds

The Chamber is also seeking...
  • Grants
  • Business Contributions
  • Campaign Pledges
  • Corporate Donations
  • Potential Sponsors